07 May 2017


assalamualaikum and haaaaaaaaaaaai omg its been a long time!

sorry for being MIA for the last couple of months. i was friggin busy and stressed out. i just finished my diploma year. yay? YAY! so my last semester ada subject event organization and im the secretary of one of the events. and lemme tell u something bruh, it was tiring ok! surat tu surat ni, memo tu memo ni, minit mesyuarat and whatsoever ughhh im glad the event is over and it was a successful event alhamdulillah.

definitely gonna miss my classmates walaupun ada gaduh sikit but mehhhh just let it slide ok. kahwin jangan lupa jemput ;)

so my next plan is to continue my study. but the thing is aku lupa nak isi borang UPU like WTF kan? so tunggu je lah memana universiti yang boleh apply thru the U itself. btw my exam results dah keluar last tuesday and... alhamdulillah i got deans list!!!! and i will graduate with pingat AKKJ alhamdulillah ya Allah. and my MUET results, i got band 4!!! wehh ini sumpah tak sangka sebab aku target band 2 - 3 ja. but hard work paid off mannn. Allah knows how hard i berusaha.

lifes been good and im so happy with myself. heheh im so blessed...

ok lah, bye

*sorry for my broken eng im sleepy*