11 November 2011

Support gua?

Im tired lah.. What's really yr problem people? Im just tryna live my own personal life here! If you're not satisfied with me, then confront me. Takpayah nak kutuk kutuk belakang. Dengki much? Stop it lah wey. There's no need to talk about me behind my back *exhales* Hm. Im not in the best mood. Feel like crying. What is wrong with me :(

Okaaay skip the bullshit lets start talking. Harini 11/11/11. So what? Hm. Alhamdulillah, since gua bukak blogshop ni. Gua agak masyuk. Purse gua makin tebal. Mwehehehe. Ok tak gua tipu. Hm, tapi maksud gua disitu, gua nak cakap yang Pashy and Shawls yang gua jual laku. Huaaaah, laku do! Im like :-O

Gua agak excited disini ^^ So, siapa nak view blogshop gua, ini dia.. TARAAA!! Follow lah kalau nak.

Harap korang support :) Sorry bergua-gua pulak. Eh, goodluck to all SPM candidates! K, I have nothing more to say, so yeah byebye.

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