14 January 2013

selamat hari tua


hi love. so its your birthday. happy 17th birthday to you, harith iskandar bin hamdan! may Allah swt bless you and your family.

you are getting old omg lol. hm thanks for everything ok? thanks for staying with me. i know that im not always fun to be with but just know that im grateful. thanks for being so cute with me. hey, 1 year, 7 months, 3 weeks, 4 days with you was awesome.

em, everything seems so different than before, kan? we fight a lot. and its my fault tsk tsk. im sorry. sorry for not being a good girlfriend. hm i just want everything to be ok again.. whatevs. just so you know, you are the sweetest boy ive ever met. pls take a good care of yourself ok? i love you munchkin.