20 May 2013

731 hari // 2 tahun

today marks 2 incredible years with the boyfriend i have ever had. happy anniversary, hrth iskndr♡

whoah time flies damn fast. ahah i still remember the day when i first saw you, ayat yang keluar dari mulut "whoah tinggi gila dia ni". bila dah couple ni eleh takde lah tinggi mana harith ni eleh hahaha oh and he has such a cute smile.

em i know i say this a lot.. but srsly i am sorry for everything. im sorry i hide my emotions. im sorry im pushing you away. im sorry im so dificult. im sorry im ugly. im sorry i messed up. im sincerely sorry im not good enough. i am soooooorry :c

pls jangan asyik lepak je. and fokus dalam kelas. jangan lupa study. spm dah dekat tau, you apa tau hahaha kidding. no matter how bad i treat you, i will always love you. thanks for everything sayang. you make me happy when im sad & you always listen to me. i love you to the moon & back. to infinty & beyond. i look forward to spending many more years with you. you are the best♡

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